Wayne Grimmer

1973 Plymouth Barracuda

Thanks to West Auckland Engine Reconditioners for a great transmission.

Car is a 1973 Plymouth Barracuda with a Ray Barton PA. 604ci pump gas Hemi engine. We use a WAER prepared 727 transmission with transbrake. 

Your transmission easily handles the 930 horsepower and has worked flawlessly.

Using your trans we won the recent 2010 Fathers Day Drags Muscle car Top 8 shoot-out and took fastest time of day award with a 9.51 et @142mph.

Thanks so much for all your support and technical assistance.


Justin Morgan

1970 Rambler Ambassador

I'm Justin Morgan, owner of the black 1970 Rambler Ambassador, MORG.

My first experience with Eric Livingstone was some 15 years ago when I took a friend's transmission there to be rebuilt for a quoted price. Upon picking the transmission up, I was given back some money which really impressed me on his honesty.

Since then, West Auckland Engine Reconditioners has done all my engine and transmission work. I really appreciate the non-condescending way Eric and Martin talk to me about planning engine combinations.

The advice that Eric shares, and listening to that advice, has let me enjoy reliability and awesome power output that has exceeded my expectations.

So thank you, Eric and team, look forward to using you into the future on other combinations I am planning. 'And you know what they say, you get what you pay for', and that's what I got!!


Geoff Eagles

Mazda RX-7 Twin Turbo V8

I first met Eric 30 years ago when we both had Hemi’s to play with and more hair to comb!  Eric’s attention to detail and knowledge of engines was quickly apparent and his 'can do' attitude refreshing in those old days.  When parts were hard to find West Auckland Engine Reconditioners was a natural progression for Eric because he loves engines and can relate to others and their projects.

Recently I approached Eric regarding an overdue project I had in mind using a twin turbo small block Chrysler as a base that was streetable but strip useful. Eric sourced the stroker crank and steel main caps with H beam rods and custom forged pistons.  A roller cam was deemed the best option using Indy heads with full roller rockers.

Eric and his team machined and assembled the fully balanced short block checking every part for flaws to create the strongest factory short block possible. Because of potential head gasket problems we settled on 9-1 compression and 10 lbs boost on this safe maximum we ran it like that and called it “the practice engine”.  This 388 cu in small block is streetable but produced approximately 750 HP and ran mid 9 sec quarters effortlessly and now awaits a future project.

The real engine came together around a R3 race block which is significantly stronger with 6 bolts around each cylinder compared to the factory 4. A bigger bore gave us 420 cu in using a billet stroker crank.  Once again Eric and his team sourced the parts, machined and assembled the short block checking every part, this attention to detail saved a potential major disaster before firing up.

This  engine is the real deal with computer projection showing 900 HP potential and10 lb boost and at 15 lbs boost the potential is 1400 HP still streetable to get the groceries!

In his spare time Eric also created a bullet proof 727 transmission to handle the power, talented boy.  Eric’s attention to detail with a lifetime of practical experience gives confidence to your project whether it is a race engine or just an upgrade to your ride.  Thanks Eric and the team.

See you at the strip.


Kerry Ball

1966 Dodge Coronet

Thanks Eric and the team at West Auckland Engine Reconditioners.

My name is Kerry Ball I am the owner of Pit Stop Henderson and have known Eric through the hot rod scene and in business for the past three years.

West Auckland Engine Reconditioner’s have recently built a high performance 440 engine for my 1966 Dodge Coronet which I am extremely happy with. Eric’s extensive knowledge of engine combinations put my mind at rest and allowed me to get the best value for my budget.

I was most impressed with the enthusiasm of the team and Martin’s meticulous approach to engine building and his willingness to share his knowledge throughout the build.

I have no hesitation in referring my friends and clients to West Auckland Engine Reconditoners.


Craig Bradfield
Chrysler 318 VJ Hardtop

A good trusting and reliable mechanic is hard to find...and I believe I found several when I contacted Eric and his team at West Auckland Engine Reconditioners.

I wanted to turn my stock 318 VJ Hardtop into some thing a bit different with plenty of horsepower and street presence.

WAER took the 318 and stroked it out to a 390, and added all the quality Edelbrock gear, then one of Eric's bullet proof 727 transmissions and finished it off with at 3.32 4 spider LSD diff.

With what they achieved with this package I have everything and more than I had hoped for. I was most impressed with the regular contact during the build and photos at the different stages as I was living in a different part of the country.

I would most definitely recommend WAER.


Mark Anderson

Valiant Charger

Eric has built my 727 trans for many years now, starting back in 1986 with my turbo charged Hemi 265 which used a small block case, this was in my Charger drag car it went 12.2 on road tyres and 11.6 on slicks and the National record was ours for many years back then .The V8’s started in 1992 starting with 446 cubes then after several years went to 494 and by 2006 it was 532 and every year we used Eric’s Torqueflites, how many years is that now? hmmm. We used poorer quality converters to begin with and had them go bad but never the trans, sure we had to clean them when the converter went wrong but by following some tried and true maintenance methods these West Auckland Engine Reconditioners transmissions have been great.

The converters now are really good, Auto Tranz in Auckland and A1 are my preferred choice today, and even 1000 plus hp and 800ft/lb of torque with these good converters and late model components the transmission is really reliable. The superstock class and the top street class have helped get these transmissions in great spec for drag racing today.

The team at WAER have always been pleasant and Eric always helps with great knowledge   in both doing the job and sourcing the best parts from around the globe taking note that he wouldn’t just use anyones parts either, as everything is application specific.

West Auckland Engine Reconditioners have made many owners of Chrysler cars, engines and transmissions motivated over the years, and it is just a happier place because of it.

Keep up the good work guys and I am looking forward to many more years racing with my trusted Torqueflite.


Dave Levien

1964 Plymouth Belvedere

For over 20 years, Eric Livingstone and the team at West Auckland Engine Reconditioners have been building race transmissions and engines for me.

Their Torqueflite race trans are second to none when it comes to performance and reliabilty. Their attention to detail, clearancing and cleanliness result in good performance and reliability meaning trouble free racing.

We have won a lot Championships and National events over the years using an engine and trans built by WAER and will continue to do so in the future.


Warren Brown

1965 Ford Mustang - Notchback

I have known Eric at West Auckland Engine Reconditoners for many years. 

Eric has assisted me in the building of a 289 V8 for my wife's Mustang. Eric came up with the combo which has worked out to be a fast little street car that is very driveable. 

Eric has also helped me with my various Drag Cars over a number of years. His experience and knowledge is unsurpassed by very few in this country. He will be called upon when my next project is under way. 

Eric is always available with information and assistance when racing. 

I would recommend West Auckland Engine Reconditioners to anyone who is undertaking a project or a simple Engine Recondition. His team are a great bunch of guys with an interest in similar cars to mine.


Dave Bullot

1932 Altered

Thanks to Eric and his team at West Auckland Engine Reconditioners for the fine job on my 572 Hemi and TF727.

We ran the whole season without a problem, from this combination.The engine made 888hp and 749lb/torque on the dyno.


Brendon Loe

Chrysler Valiant Charger R/T

As a newcomer to the muscle car scene the advice that Eric, Errol and the team at West Auckland Engine Reconditioners have given me has been invaluable in working through the build of my Valiant Charger. They have always given me sound advice and fantastic workmanship on all jobs performed.

Eric's knowledge of Mopar products must be unrivalled and really shows in the engine and gearbox package that they built for me

 It has been fantastic to find a business with such high standards on my first build and I will always get future work performed here safe in my knowledge that it will be done right the first time.