Our machine shop has a full range of quality equipment ensuring accuracy and a high standard of workmanship.
This is just some of the specialised machinery used in our machine shop.

Scledum Boring Bar

  • Reboring cylinders from single motorcycle barrels to V8 blocks

  • Boring and fitting liners

Sunnen VGS-20 Head Shop

  • Machining and fitting guides

  • Valve seat inserts

  • Multi angle valve seats

Tecnodue Power Hone

  • Honing all cylinders

Mart Bead Blaster

  • Bead blasting – cleaning all parts

Surfacers – Scledum RVA and AZ1300G

  • Surfacing cylinder blocks

  • Surfacing cylinder heads

  • Machining flywheels

Kwikway Valve Machine

  • Machining valves

  • Machining rocker arms

Sunnen Con Rod Hone

  • Resizing conrods

  • Honing all bushes

AMC Crank Grinder

  • Grinding crankshafts

Aardvark Hydro Wash

  • Hot washing parts

Photos of machinery to come