Performance Engines

At West Auckland Engine Reconditioners you will always find a diverse range of performance engines in the workshop, from turbo charged four cylinders to blown 500 cu inch Hemis.

We can design and build an engine combination for all forms of motor sport, from street driven muscle cars and hot rods to drag cars. 

We are also a Super Charger Store Dealer

Stroking engines is very popular and widely used to increase capacity.

Here are some examples of engine combinations that we use: 

  • 318 Mopar with a 4” crank makes 390 cu inch

  • 340 Mopar with a 4” crank makes 418 cu inch

  • 360 Mopar with a 4” crank makes 408 cu inch

  • Big block Mopar 400 with a 440 3.750 crank makes 451 cu inch

  • 440 Mopar with a 4.150 crank makes 496 cu inch

  • 426 Hemi with a 4.150 crank makes 474 cu inch.

These sizes will vary with different bore sizes.

Many more combinations are available for Mopar, Ford and Chevy engines.  

Please call for pricing and advice.